About Us

We want to transform from an Oil and Gas Services company to become an Integrated Energy Production, Development and Services company.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for meeting the changing energy needs of our world – by increasing our focus on people, technology – to deliver safe agile, efficient and sustainable solutions for all stakeholders. 


Ethics and compliance

We realize the important role an honest and conscientious business partner plays in establishing and maintaining trust and confidence. In the interests of maintaining a good level of interaction with our stakeholders, we build our business in full accordance with law and on the basis of ethical values. We view compliance with these requirements as a cornerstone of our activities in the field of sustainable development.


Risk management system

  • Model Rules of Organizing the Process of Management of Instustrial and Non-industrial risks in the Company;
  • Methodology for Identification and Assessment of Risks, Selection of the Method of Managing the Company’s Risks;
  • Rules of Amending the Unified Risk Classifier of the Company.

We make it right to guide your experience in a proper way.

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